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Task Order Overview (Synopsis):

The Sensor Science objectives are to ensure that the satellite data produced by each of the NOAA operational sensors are of high quality, and meet product requirements and user needs through extensive calibration/validation, scientific and technical research on sensor performance, characterization, anomaly resolution, re-calibration, and product validation by independent means. The cross-cutting technical services provide the science, program management and system engineering activities that provides the transition of satellite data, knowledge and technologies developed by STAR across the institutional boundaries of research and applications allowing end users the ability to transform satellite data into actionable knowledge. The Sensor science and crosscutting technology theme is part of the framework of the six work break down structures; Maintenance and Sustainment for Products and Instruments, Science Development, Science Research and Technology Development, STAR System & Supporting Infrastructure, Science Formulation, and End User and Partner Engagement.

SSCT Phase-in and Transition Activities

In order for GST and our teammates to efficiently complete the incumbent employee Phase-in and Transition activities, we are and will be posting announcements about Open Houses, Interviews, security clearance & badging transitions, equipment inventories, etc. routinely on this website. Please check this site often for important announcements.

SSCT Open House

GST will be scheduling additional “SSCT Open Houses” in the near future. Please check for the “Open House” flyers on this site for dates/times and location.

SSCT Application and Resume:

All incumbent employees and those who are interested in working with us on the SSCT Task Order should visit our GST Careers portal at Careers at GST.com. This link to our SSCT application page (STAR Sensor Science and Cross-Cutting Technology (SSCT) application) will walk you through the application process and provide another opportunity to submit your resume.